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HKVCA Deal Matching allows individual or corporate to present their deal here and match with potential investors. The deal matching form can be found here.

Latest Update:

Schenk Consulting is focusing on investment management.

The activities include real estate management as well as the development and realization of complex project investments.

We have a record of successful projects since begin of the nineties of the last century.

Schenk Consulting is specialized and well-connected in the German market, opening opportunities for foreign investors.

Our company is part of an international network of competent partners. Depending on the specific demands of an individual project, we are selecting the project partners with the best fitting profile and integrate experienced experts into our team, including accounting and legal, if requested by the customer.

The best service with the most qualified team is our commitment to our customers.

Paying utmost attention to securing and growing the assets of our customers is the fundament of our services philosophy.

Our longstanding experience with foreign partners in Germany  and on foreign markets as the US, Russia and the CIS countries allows us to fully serve a foreign partner and to communicate the specifics of an investment in Germany.

For more information, please download the full profile of Schenk Consulting.