GVCC Meetings

Global Venture Capital Congress 2018
April 8 -11, 2018
Sydney, Australia
The HKVCA, represented by Johnny Chan, President, and Joanne Yuen, Secretary General, participated in the Global Venture Capital Congress (GVCC) that was held from April 8 -11, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. The Congress brought together more than 40 delegates, guests and speakers representing more than 16 professional associations and 6 firms from around the world. Participants discussed the many issues and opportunities that the industry faces globally, including how to improve the environment for investment, entrepreneurship and innovation. There was also much discussion around the theme of this year’s event, which was the role of limited partners in the PE and VC community.
Global Venture Capital Congress 2015
April 9-11, 2015 
Rio De Janeiro

The fifth Global Venture Capital Congress has been held successfully in April 9-11 in Rio De Janeiro. The event has been well planned with valuable events agenda – including Family Outing and Saturday excursion.

The theme of the Congress was “The Changing Landscape of Growth Investors” with major focus on three areas – early stage alternatives (crowdfunding, angel investing and accelerators), corporate venture capital and crossover investing, as to explore opportunities within these emerging investing trends as well as to share different important issues and developments from different regional angles and perspectives. 

Global Venture Capital Congress 2013
Nov 8-11, 2013
Hong Kong

2013 Global Venture Capital Congress has been a successful event in Nov 8-11 in Hong Kong where different sessions have covered important topics. Representatives from list of associations (JVCA, CAPE, IVCA, HKVCA, EMPEA, SVCA, MAPECT etc) attended the congress which shared pressing issues facing their regions and memberships as well as providing updates on major challenges within the industries focusing on: regulatory and governance issues identifications, opportunities for collective actions, better understanding of private capital from the public sector.