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Elevator Pitch Competition 2018

Elevate 100 Floors in 60 sec

Your Opportunity to Disrupt

Elevator Pitch Competition, "EPiC" in short, is a fun-filled international start-up event organised by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. 100 start-ups will be selected to pitch their ideas in a 60-second elevator ride at the International Commerce Centre, the most iconic skyscraper in Hong Kong. They will compete for the chance to win an investment prize of not less than US$120,000!

Spread your ideas in a fun way

Within the start-up community, an “elevator pitch” is a short summary of your business model, ideally delivered in less time than it takes to ride an elevator, but compelling enough to get a follow-up meeting. To win an investor's heart, you have to get your own "elevator pitch" ready. 

This competition will give you a chance to win investors' hearts and not less than US$120,000 funding in just 60 seconds inside the elevator of ICC, the tallest and the most impressive building in Hong Kong. 

If you are a Start-up (<5 years) who received less than US$10 million funding by 31 March 2018, or you are an Individual, and your business is focusing on one of these technology areas: AI & Robotics, Smart City, FinTech, Healthy Ageing & Next Generation Technology. ENROLL Now!! Application closes on 14 September 2018. Apply Now! You may be one of the 100 shortlisted start-ups and pitch your idea at EPiC on 26 October 2018.