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Past Events

Year 2020 
06 August, 2020Webinar - Hong Kong tax update: DIPN 61 and the LPFO
30 July, 2020Webinar: Deal opportunities in a post COVID world
21 July, 2020Webinar: Hong Kong’s new limited partnership fund regime
16 July, 2020Webinar: Cayman Private Fund Law Update
06 July, 2020Asia Venture Capital Forum 2020
18 June, 2020Webinar: PE and VC valuation practice for 1Q2020
16 June, 2020Webinar 网络研讨会: Tax issues on cross-border investment in PE funds in a post-pandemic world 后疫情时期,跨境私募股权投资的税务问题
11 June, 2020Webinar: An overview of the PE market in APAC
09 June, 2020Webinar: The perspective of GPs and LPs globally
27 May, 2020Webinar: Managing an early stage portfolio through Covid 19
26 May, 2020Webinar: The Cayman Islands Private Funds Law 2020 – a new regulatory regime for closed-end private funds
18 May, 2020Webinar: Fund-Level Liquidity Options, including Preferred Equity and Fund Financing Market Update
07 May, 2020Webinar: Understanding the SFC Circular on External Electronic Data Storage
05 May, 2020Webinar: Hong Kong New Limited Partnership Fund Regime
16 April, 2020HKVCA Webinar: Managing cash and working capital at the portfolio company level
16 January, 2020EMPEA Private Equity Masterclass in Hong Kong
15 January, 2020HKVCA Asia Private Equity Forum 2020
14 January, 2020HKVCA Gala Dinner 2020
Year 2019 
17 December, 2019HKVCA Masterclass: Licensing for Private Equity Fund Managers
12 December, 2019HKVCA Christmas Cocktails
10 December, 2019HKVCA Family Office Lunch
06 December, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
04 December, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Case Studies
18 November, 2019Seminar: Licensing of Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms
08 November, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 7
29 October, 2019Real Asset Seminar with Cocktails: A Conversation With Industry Leaders
23 October, 2019HKVCA Wine Tasting Event 2019
22 October, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 6
18 October, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
15 October, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 5
10 October, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 4
26 September, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 3
18 September, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 2
10 September, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Fundamentals Course 2019 - Module 1
06 September, 2019HKVCA Annual General Meeting & Luncheon
29 August, 2019HKVCA Luncheon Talk - Combating Fraud and Corruption: Identification and Mitigation to Enhance Portfolio Company Value
22 August, 2019HKVCA Seminar with Cocktails: Unlocking the Greater Bay Area’s potential – a PE and VC perspective
23 July, 2019HKVCA Brownbag Luncheon Talk: Hong Kong Startups and how WHub and Angelhub Work
16 July, 2019HKVCA Seminar: An Update on the Cayman Islands' Economic Substance Regulation
12 July, 2019HKVCA Brownbag Luncheon Talk - How to be stress-proof in a stressful world
08 July, 2019Asia Venture Capital Forum 2019
05 July, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
20 June, 2019HKVCA Young Professionals Mixer 2019
03 June, 2019HKVCA ESG Brownbag Luncheon Talk: The Evolution of CSR, ESG and the SDGs in Private Equity
30 May, 2019HKVCA China Private Equity Summit 2019
10 May, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
30 April, 2019HKVCA Seminar: Women in Private Equity
16 April, 2019HKVCA Private Equity Advanced Course 2019 - Directorship
02 April, 2019HKVCA Seminar: Understanding Cayman's economic substance rules and the Luxembourg-domiciled private funds structure
18 March, 2019HKVCA Luncheon Talk: Is a lack of cyber due diligence putting your deal at risk?
08 March, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
01 March, 2019HKVCA Annual Golf Day 2019
21 February, 2019HKVCA Luncheon Talk: Solving the deal origination dilemma by leveraging big data and AI
18 February, 2019HKVCA Brownbag Luncheon Talk: Debate on Carried Interest
25 January, 2019HKVCA Members Breakfast Meeting
17 January, 2019EMPEA Private Equity Masterclass | Hong Kong
16 January, 2019HKVCA Asia Private Equity Forum 2019
15 January, 2019HKVCA Gala Dinner 2019