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The HKVCA’s Private Equity Fundamentals Course has been specially developed for those individuals seeking to increase their knowledge of the core fundamentals of private equity and venture capital. As a comprehensive training course, it also provides in-depth technical and practical know-how to those already working in the industry who would like to both refresh and upgrade their skill set.  

Each module is taught by leading industry practitioners and experts who possess unmatched experience in deal-making, structuring, value-creation in companies, as well as exits. Instructors draw on actual, real case studies, which work to illustrate and share the invaluable lessons learned through their own experiences over the years. This year’s course will also include a specially designed section devoted specifically to ESG, given its growing importance and role in investment practices and decisions.



The HKVCA-SFC Private Equity Fundamentals Course is a comprehensive and intensive training course that has been specially designed for professionals working at the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC). The goal of the course is to provide these professionals with greater insight into and a more significant understanding of the fundamental principles involved in the private equity and venture capital industry.

SFC Accreditation

The HKVCA is recognized by the SFC as an institute providing continuous professional training (CPT).

Registrants may claim CPT points for courses/events they have attended if their employer considers said courses/events relevant to their job performance. Registrants should note that their employers, as the corporate license holder of your SFC registration, are responsible for determining whether our courses/events satisfy CPT requirements.

A certificate of attendance will be issued by the HKVCA for completion of the entire course/event.

For more details please see the SFC's Guidelines on Continuous Professional Training.