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CR-CCT Industry Pilot Fund invested in Yitu Technology

Thursday, March 19, 2020

When the world is suffering impact from Coronavirus, CR-CCT Industry Pilot Fund undertook efforts to perform daily duty as before. Recently, CR-CCT Industry Pilot Fund, co-managed by China Resources Capital Management and China Chengtong (HK), overcame a series of unexpected difficulties to complete a US$30 million investment in the world-class artificial intelligence company "Yitu Technology". The fund will continuously target high-tech companies to create synergies for parent groups and assist invested companies with original world-leading technology to industrialize and scale up.

Yitu is a world-class artificial intelligence company that has grown up entirely based on its independent research and original developed technology. It is a national new generation artificial intelligence innovation platform and a key participant in “Shanghai Key Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image and Knowledge Graph”. The company mainly adopts computer vision, natural language processing and chip design to provide comprehensive artificial intelligence solutions in various application scenarios. As one of the innovation pioneers in artificial intelligence industry, the company combines advanced artificial intelligence technology with industrial applications in the public security, health care, finance, retail, and chip development industries, which has been widely recognized and praised by customers.

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