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FITURE Raises $65m in Series A Funding Led by Tencent and C Ventures

Saturday, September 26, 2020

(Press Release) - C Ventures is excited to announce our new investment in FITURE, a smart household fitness equipment brand, also a company in the Intelligent Home Gym, Personal Trainer, Social Element space. This series A funding is led by Tencent, C Ventures is the 2nd largest investor. Other investors include Cathay Capital, BA Capital, BAI, All - Star Investment. Fiture's existing investor Sequoia Capital also made a Follow-On investment,  supporting Fiture with consumer resources.

"Big thanks to all of our investors for their wholehearted support of FITURE." said Tang Tianguang, CEO of FITURE, "This investment will faciliate our work in pursuit of providing family-based interactive content for our users. We are looking forward to providing a healthy lifestyle for FITURE subscribers."  

“ Arising from the exponent growth of healthy industry, fitness business has reached a mature status. The market is in demand of innovative fitness products like FITURE . ” said Dr. Adrian Cheng, Founder of C Ventures “ We hope FITURE will synergize with New World Group and its subsinardies like K11, D.PARK, ROSEWOOD, etc. It curates an unique intelligent fitness experience for global consumers and creates a customized lifestyle in various scenarios. ”

China has become the largest fitness market. Covid has ushered in a new fitness norm, where gyms have been replaced by home workouts. We identified the future trend of human's wellness and allocated our investments in healthy sector, in which fitness, healthy food, clean beauty have become our mandates. Not too long ago, we announced our investment in Wholly Moly! , an oat bran food brand, which aims to cultivate trendy healthy food choices that may appeal to the younger generations and improve traditional staple diet. FITURE has capitallized on the healthy trend and the Company is well equipped with cutting-edge technologies to drive AI content creation and shake up the new generation's lifestyle in a smart way. 


About C Ventures

C Ventures, co-founded by Adrian Cheng, a globally well-known entrepreneur and Clive Ng, a notable media and financier executive, is a leading venture capital company curating a cultural ecosystem targeting millennials and the Generation Z with a focus on business in technology, lifestyle. As a global venture capital, C Ventures is well-positioned to integrate the West and the East and is committed to helping its portfolio companies with sustainable development both online and offline.


About Fiture

Fiture aims at building user and family oriented fitness equipment, offering workout enthusiasts interactive courses and personalised fitness experience. Based on real data, Fiture is poised to provide users with customized training plan, real time tracking and user community. Fitures currently offers programs like Yoga, Pilate, boxing, Barre, etc.