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Happiness Capital is now a Certified B Corp

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

(Staff Wrtiter) - We’re very excited to announce that Happiness Capital has become a B Corp Certified company after a 2-year process with the overall B Impact Score of 92.7! This huge milestone signifies our commitment to having good governance as well as creating environmental and social good for our community. It also symbolizes our dedication to transparency. Happiness Capital’s mission is to co-create a healthier and happier world with our portfolio of startups and VC funds. We’re very grateful to join the B Corp family as the 22nd company in Hong Kong and the 130th in equity investments sector worldwide to receive this certification. Being one of the earliest global VC firms headquartered in Hong Kong to become a B Corp is something we’re very grateful for.

We take happiness very seriously at Happiness Capital and believe that what you don’t measure, you don’t manage. As a part of our commitment to our mission, not only did we honor the rigorous standards of becoming B Corp certified, but we also internally created a Happiness Return Index with the help of our esteemed advisor Jed Emerson, a global guru in impact investing, along with our consultants SVT Group and 60 Decibels. With this exciting news to start off 2023, we’re very encouraged to continue our journey in creating more happiness and impact in the world!

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