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Oxford Vacmedix moves cancer vaccines forward with $12.5M from South Korea, China

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

(Endpoints News by Amber Tong) - South Korea and Chinese investors have sunk a collective $12.5 million into an Oxford University spinout that promises a more efficient and cheaper way to make cancer vaccines.

The financing round potentially opens up the Korean market for Oxford Vacmedix (OVM), which already out-licensed its recombinant overlapping peptide technology to a joint venture registered in Hong Kong. Much of the science, however, actually takes place in Changzhou (between Nanjing and Shanghai), where an OVM center has been conducting early-stage validation of the technology developed by scientific founder and CSO Shisong Jiang.

He found a way to produce overlapping peptides in a bacterial system, rather than synthesizing them chemically, resulting in an endless stream of recombinant protein and the overlapping peptides.


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