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SEAVI Advent Holdings Ltd.
Represented by Mr. Kevin Chan

SEAVI ("South East Asia Venture Investment") Advent is one of the first private equity and venture capital firms to operate in the Asia Pacific region. Since 1984, they have invested over US$ 300 million into more than 100 Asian companies, from early to late stage, as well as buyout and control transactions. In Southeast Asia, their have successfully helped several of their portfolio companies strengthen their business positions through initial public offerings on the stock exchanges of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.



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Hangzhou Aladdin Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Nature Business:, the first large simulation web city based on 3D model in the world

Funds Required: US$2.5million

Project Details:
On November 16th 2004, successfully launched the first online city Hangzhou. Hangzhou becomes the first online 3D simulation city. All websites will have two elements in the future. One is domain name, the address in the cyber world; the other is location, the address in the real world. Any city will have a corresponding 3D e-city in the future. Everything here, from people to buildings to commerce, is the extension of the real world. creates the visualized world akin to the real world. brings netizens back to the real word. works as the bridge between the two worlds, namely the real and the virtual. will build the e-city for every large city

Contact Details:
Mr. PANG Xiao Wei
Hangzhou Aladdin Information Technology Co. Ltd.
YanAn Road 312#, GongXiao Dalou 409#,
HangZhou, ZheJiang Province, P.R. China 310006
Tel: 86-571-87075581
Fax: 86-571-87015505


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