About ASrIA
ASrIA, the 'Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia' is a not for profit membership association dedicated to promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice in the Asia Pacific region. ASrIA's members include a wide range of institutional and specialist investors and has become the platform for different sectors within the community to exchange information and perspectives on sustainable investment. ASrIA's website, www.asria.org, is the primary resource for SRI in Asia, attracting over 6,000 subscribers to our regular e-bulletin. Through fostering the creation of SRI products and services and through the provision of training and support services we aim to build momentum for sustainable investment in the region and to raise the standards of sustainable investment practice.

The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs is the only body authorized by law to register and grant practising certificates to certified public accountants in Hong Kong. It has more than 27,000 members and 12,000 registered students. Members of the Institute are entitled to the description certified public accountant and to the designatory letters CPA.
The Hong Kong Institute of CPAs evolved from the Hong Kong Society of Accountants, which was established on 1 January 1973.
The Institute operates under the Professional Accountants Ordinance and works in the public interest. It has wide-ranging responsibilities, including assuring the quality of entry into the profession through its postgraduate CPA qualification programme and promulgating financial reporting, auditing and ethical standards in Hong Kong. It also has responsibility for regulating and promoting efficient accounting practices in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong stands as Asia's largest venture capital/private equity hub in Asia. As at 2007, private equity funds under management in Asia grew to over US$190 billion.
Since 1980s, the number of venture capital funds setting up operations in HK had grown significantly due uncomplicated tax structures, financial infrastructure and efficient communications. There are about 300 firms with more than 650 professionals based in Hong Kong that invests across Asia including China, India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other South East Asian countries.
Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association was established in 1987 to serve the interests of the private equity industry in promoting the asset class, providing a platform for networking and cooperation on regional and international front, and improving the investment environment by raising the professional standards of the market. In Asia it assumes an important role in developing a distinct identity for Asian Venture Capital.


For HKICPA members, please register with Canace Leung: Tel: 2287 7089 / May Hung: Tel: 2287 7009 (MCS-2 Event Code: CFIG080929)


Please complete the reservation form and fax to (852) 2537 0086. Reservations must be followed by payment of check.
Please make check payable to “HKVCPEA Ltd.
Cancellation must be made in writing at least 3 working days prior to the event. No refund will be made after confirmation.
No show will be charged.

Beijing Miyun County Investment Bureau
Mr. Eric Tam
Mr. Clarley Chen

Beijing Miyun County Investment Bureau assists multi-national corporations and international companies doing business in China, particularly property investment that are strive to achieve and struggle to maintain a competition edge in the global market need to be backed by efficient and strong national trade institutions.

Website: www.bjinvestmentbureau.com

The Norinchukin Bank Hong Kong Representative Office
Mr. Yasunori Mori
Mr. Akira Matsuo

The Norinchukin Bank was established in 1923 as a quasi-governmental financial institution. Privatized in 1959, the Bank is one of Japan's largest and most distinguished financial institutions. The Bank is the central bank for Japan's agricultural, forestry and fishery cooperative systems.

Website: www.nochubank.or.jp

Horwath Corporate Advisory Services Ltd
Mr. Graham Soutar
Mr. Jim Wardell

Horwath Corporate Advisory Services Ltd is an independent member firm of Horwath International, being one of the largest global professional service organizations. The Hong Kong and China offices of Horwath International employ over 1,700 people in 9 locations.

Website: www.horwathcas.com.hk

Palomar Private Equity Ltd
Dr. Norbert Wanninger
Mr. Kai-Rupert Nolte

Palomar Private Equity is an independent firm exclusively focused on the raising of capital for private equity firms. They specialise in fund placements for European clients. They raise per year up to EUR 1 billion in total, for a small number of funds. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Palomar Private Equity raises capital from investors around the world.

Website: www.plmrpe.com

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For security purpose, a new password login system will be effective in August in accessing "Members Directory" and "Members Update" to update your company record yourselves at HKVCPEA website: www.hkvca.com.hk. A Member ID and password will be provided to each member. It is confidential and is provided for members' use only. Member ID and Password will be sent shortly. Please advise if there is a change of the representative/s of your firm. Please contact: Ms. Lilia Chin at Tel: (852) 2845 6100 or Email: lchin@hkvca.com.hk



China Venture Capital & Private Equity Forum – Investment Summit for Revitalizing Northeast China 2008
Date: September 19-20, 2008
Marriott Hotel, Shenyang, China
China Venture Capital Research Institute

With the theme of "Optimize developing environment of venture capital, promote comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China's economy", this summit will focus on issues concerned with "Venture capital and Northeast China revitalization strategy", "The key for Northeastern enterprises to become bigger and stronger", "VC Funds and Development of Northeastern Private Innovative Economy", "PE funds and Restructuring & Reforming of Northeast State-owned Enterprises", "The Hottest Sectors for Investment in Northeast China 2008", "Capital Market and the Leaping Development of Northeastern Enterprises" etc.

HKVCPEA members can enjoy 50% discount on registration before September 15.

For register, please click here. Contact: Ms. Cherry Mok at Tel: (852) 2766 4264 or Email: cherry.mok@cvcri.com

For more details, please visit here.

2nd Shanghai International Forum of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment
Date: October 16-18, 2008
Place: Dong Jiao State Guest Hotel
Shanghai Venture Capital Association
Shanghai Private Equity Association

2nd Shanghai International Forum of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment is the highest tier, largest scale and most powerful VC&PE forum in Shanghai.

At the 1st Shanghai International Forum of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investment 2007, the Chinese and foreign venture capital investors believed that China private equity and venture capital industry will enter a rare development period. With the accomplishment of reform of non-tradable shares, consummation of relevant legal laws and regulations, development of CNY fund and launch of Growth Enterprise Market, the market of private equity in China has developed energetically now. For promoting the construction and development of CNY fund, the cooperation between local fund and foreign fund, the development of VC and PE in various industries, the 2nd forum will gather global key players in the PE & VC industry and relevant field to discuss some hot topics, such as CNY fund, limited partners system and Growth Enterprise Market. It will provide a communication and cooperation platform.

HKVCPEA members can enjoy 15% discount on registration.

For register, please contact Ms. Jenny Yao at email: jyao@yycec.com and yycec@yycec.com, or
Tel at 8621 62815581.

For more information, please visit http://www.shvca.org/en/news/news7.htm

2008 CVCA Annual Meeting & China Venture Capital/Private Equity Summit
Date: October 30-31, 2008
Place: Kunlun Hotel, Beijing
China Venture Capital Association

Since 2002, CVCA AGM & Summit has grown to become the most important and highly recognized events in China's VC and PE industry. Each year, members and the community gather at the event to catch up with old associates, meet new friends and business partners, as well as learn about the latest industry trends and to share experience. CVCA 2008 AGM & Summit will take place on October 30-31 in the Beijing Kunlun Hotel. Whether you are a venture capitalist, a service provider to VC/PE or an entrepreneur hoping to attract investment, attending CVCA AGM & Summit will give you the best exposure and strengthen your firm's relationship to the VC/PE community in the most comprehensive way.

HKVCPEA members can enjoy 20% discount on registration.

For register, please contact:
Beijing: Miss Crystal LU at Email: crystal@cvca.com.cn or Tel: at 8610-8515 0829.
Shanghai: Miss Joanna XU at Email: joanna@cvca.com.cn or Tel: at 8621-5047 1613.

For more details, please visit http://www.cvca.com.cn/mail08/agm2008/

SPARC Forum in “Chinese Medicine and Herbal Products”
Date: 11 November 2008
Place: Hong Kong Science Park
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Chinese Medicine Ltd

Program Highlights

Investment & Business Opportunities for Applied Research Projects
• 20+ projects presentations
• investment and business matching

Experience-sharing from business leaders
• CM in western markets
     Bionorica China Ltd.
     Phytomedics, Inc.
• CM / Herbal Products and Applications (Drugs, health foods, personal care and cosmetics)
     Mr Chen Nuan (Deputy Manager, Basic Research Department, Shiseido China R&D Center)
     Mr Abraham Chan (CEO, Purapharm International (HK) Ltd)
     Ms Karen Tang (Director, Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd)
• Investor perspectives

Networking & Business Development Activities
• luncheon, tea breaks & cocktails

Early bird deadline is 15 Oct 2008.
For more details, please visit http://sparc.hkstp.org

For queries, please contact Ada Chui at Tel: (852) 2629 6881 or Netalie Sun at (852) 2406 2970 or email to sparc@hkstp.org.


Demycar Investment Ltd (incorporated in Beijing)
Nature of Business: Nation Wide Franchise Chain Stores of Automobile Repair and Maintenance Services in China.
Funds Required: USD5.00 million this round.
Project Details: We are the first company in China's automobile after market service industry to adopt a business model that seamlessly integrates internet portal with physical business operations across the entire repair and maintenance service chain. Manufacturers of auto-parts and accessories, the aftermarket service providers and the car owners can take advantage of the web 2.0 based Demycar service network to perform B2B, B2C and C2C activities resulting in significant efficiency for product supply logistics, operation costs, services quality and information flow within a truly "click and brick" environment.
Our franchise system allows service shops to mix and match their core business based on their capabilities, expertise and location. Yet the entire network offers a wide variety of service items with consistent quality which are fully supported by our online IT technology and intelligent business management system.
So far we have developed 16 company owned and 92 franchise stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xian and Wuhan and are seeking capital infusion to expand our network for a larger market share and scale of economy.
Contact Details:

Mr. James Chen, President
Tel: (852) 2570 9823
Fax: (852) 2510 0575
Email: jameschn@netvigator.com
Website: www.demycar.com

Korea Trade- Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

KOTRA, Korea's non-profit national trade and investment promotion agency, is currently seeking suitable investors for several promising Korean IT companies.

For further information, Please contact Ms. Hannah Wie by e-mail at kora7@kotra.org.hk or Ms. Pat Chau by telephone at (852)2545-9500.
Nature of Business: Development of software for digital multimedia contents
Funds Required: US$30 million.
Project Details:
Honest Technology, a Korean company producing high-quality video software technology for multimedia contents, is currently seeking foreign investment of US$30 million for new product development and overseas marketing.
Established in 1998, the company is focused on the development of software for digital multimedia contents. Its products are already well-established in the digital multimedia market and sold via on/off line distribution channels throughout the world (US, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea). Customers can be found in 70 countries. The company's over 20 multimedia software applications enable a strong connection with CE device manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Dvico, ASUS, Kworld, etc.
As a result, 90% of the company's total sales revenue comes from overseas markets. The company's products offer various features that are not offered by those of competitors, and thus its technology has enabled the company to integrate a wide variety of products into one, the so-called "Plus" products. Compared to other companies' products, "Plus" products are easy to use. In particular, TV plus, offers one-stop solutions from editing contents to burning DVDs. It has the largest market share in Taiwan, the largest manufacturer of TV cards in the world. As customer demand for watching TV on PCs is expected to grow in the future, the company expects it will become one of the major market players.
Nature of Business: Development and manufacture of entertainment robots and robot game machines
Funds Required:

US$1.5 million

Project Details:
IR Robot, a Korean developer and manufacturer of robot games and machines, is seeking suitable investors to fund its R&D activities and facility and equipment costs. The Marubot Football League, a robot football game developed by the company utilizing its own technology, has gained popularity in Europe reflection the general passion with which Europeans view the sport.
  • Established: 2008
  • Key Technology: Auto power supplying systems
  • Global Business Status: Agents in UK, Italy, Belgium, Spain, China, Taiwan, Australia
  • Strengths: The company developed the first robot arcade game using technology which can easily attract users. 
  • Main Buyers: Crown Direct (UK), Harding Trading S.R.L. (Italy), Gestion ( Belgium), GPE (Spain), Wecom (China), Sega (Japan), Withus (Korea)
  • 3  
    Nature of Business: Development of software for mobile solutions and contents
    Funds Required:

    US$1 million

    Project Details:
    UStation, a Korean company producing high-quality video software technology for multimedia contents, is currently seeking US$1 million for new product development and overseas marketing.
  • Established: 2005
  • Key technology: TTM, Java, Messaging client solutions, etc. 
  • Global marketing tools:
  • Cooperation with overseas partner companies (Antixlabs, Rococo, Software, Acc3ess Systems, etc.)
  • Participating in global business support projects promoted by a Korean
  • Government-controlled agency (SBC)
  • Working closely with Korean Global Players like Samsung and LG targeting global markets
  • Main partners: SKT, Aircross, Hanbit Soft, IBM, Samsung 
  • 4  
    Nature of Business: Development and manufacture of software and software solutions
    Funds Required: US$3 million
    Project Details:
    Miracom, a Korean company possessing know-how and experience in developing SW products for professional service manufacturing management, equipment engineering and application integration, is seeking to attract US$3 million to expand into overseas markets and develop new technologies.
    Miracom's core business areas are the development and supply of manufacturing information software solutions and software integration which enable clients to maximize productivity by allowing the organization and management systems to rapidly respond to changing market trends. The company thus aims to enhance the production competitiveness of client enterprises with products developed by in-house technologies that support the effective operation of information systems.
  • Established: 1998
  • Global business status:
  • Targeting high-tech enterprises (semi-conductor/FPD)
  • Growing together with local and overseas IT companies via strategic partnerships; (Presently securing 5 strategic linkages with companies in Japan, EU, etc.
  • Market size: Domestic US$100 million; Global: US$4 billion 
  • 5  
    Nature of Business:

    Development of thin film speakers and flexible sensors

    Funds Required:

    US$ 2 million

    Project Details:
    Mirae Plasma, a Korean company which is the first in the world to develop a "super-thin film speaker" is seeking to secure approximately US$2 million to expand its production line and markets.
  • Established: 2003
  • Primary technologies: Plasma technology
  • Global business status: contacting with 60 companies in 30 countries
  • Market size:
    - Domestic: US$ 300 million
    - Overseas: US$78 million
  • Strengths:
    - Global technology and mass production
    - Strong network for MOUs and marketing
    - Various applications including AD, fancy, decoration and household appliances
  • 6  
    Nature of Business: Development of intelligent application acceleration and security technology ensuring secure and rapid application delivery
    Funds Required: US$1 million
    Project Details:
    A technology-oriented venture company in Korea is currently seeking approximately US$1 million in investment to apply to its R & D and global marketing efforts.
    This company, starting with a Web application firewall product, has developed various security related products, growing to become the top Korean company in terms of domestic market share in the Web application firewall sector.
  • Established: 2005
  • Key technology: Profiling, transparent proxy, dynamic caching Global Business Status: Global distributorship agreement with Japanese company E-Globaledge and Interzen of China. 
  • Strengths:
    - No. 1 domestic market share
    - High performance and high technology
    - Certificates of quality assurance (GS, NEP, ISO9001)
  • 7  
    Nature of Business: Development of Web-based solutions for multimedia contents
    Funds Required:

    US$10 million

    Project Details:
    This Korean company which specializes in developing web-based multimedia editing solutions is currently seeking foreign investment of US$10 million to upgrade the level of operating and expand its markets. The company welcomes both strategic and financial investors.
  • Established: 2004
  • Key technologies: Server-side technology, Web-based multimedia editing technology, mixing technology, and mass image data processing technology
  • Global business status:
    - The company provides solutions in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore in cooperation with its partners.
    - The company was honored with the Best Tools and Infrastructure Application Award at the Asian Pacific Information & Communication Technology Awards (APICTA).
    - The company won the Best Business Product Gold Award at the Hong Kong ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Awards.
  • Strengths: Web-based multi-media editing technology, converting and editing technology for movies and images, references from providing and maintaining solutions for SKT, KTD, Cyworld, and Paran.
  • 8  
    Nature of Business: Development of media solutions and provider of interactive convergence service
    Funds Required: US$2 million
    Project Details:
    This Korean company possessing high-level media technologies is currently seeking approximately US$2 million for new product development.
  • Established: 2000
  • Global business status: The company ships technical evaluation systems to France for Digital Radio and is developing a prototype model for Telefonica in Spain.
  • Strengths: The company offers a variety of solutions which have been commercially verified, thus earning it a solid reputation in the global market.  
  • The company's world firsts:
    - Implementation of T-DMB trial head-end systems (with ETRI, June 2003)
    - Implementation of commercial T-DMB multiplexer (with KBS, July 2004)
    - Success of broadcasting T-DMB interactive service (with SBS, February 2005)
    - Commercial deployment of T-DMB interactive contents creation and delivery systems (2005)
    - Delivery of MPEG-4 BIFS player for mobile phones (for Samsung Electronics, Oct. 2005)
    - Implementation of T-DMB interactive service portal (for KTF, December 2006)
    - Implementation of S-DMB interactive service head-end systems (for TU Media, April 2007)
    - Commercial launch of T-DMB interactive convergence services (MBC, SBS, U1 Media, 2007)
    - Commercial launch of S-DMB interactive convergence services (TU Media, July 2007)
  • 9  
    Nature of Business: A platform provider for educational contents
    Funds Required:

    US$1.7 million

    Project Details:
    The company is a Korean startup specializing in Web service for educational (knowledge) contents transactions in Korea. The company is currently seeking foreign investment to assist with its plans for expansion. This company is a platform provider for educational contents open market services for the learner, teacher and contents provider. It is also developing and preparing global services for comprehensive knowledge contents. This project will be finished in August 2008. The company plans to incorporate in the United States and once again on a global scale several months later.
  • Established: 2006
  • Key technologies: Java, Ajax, Flex, Movie and Voice
  • Market size:
    - Domestic US$1.7 billion 
    - Overseas US$36 million
  • The company has several contracts through which it provides contents to various teacher associations in the United States.
    Nature of Business: Development of XGM (system level software)
    Funds Required:

    US$2-3 million

    Project Details:
    This Korean company is currently seeking venture capital in the form of a long term investment in order to share the marketability and profitability of XGM system level software.
  • Established: April 2000
  • Product Portfolio: XGM/XGP (card, VAN, FEP business packages for HP Nonstop)
  • Key Technology: Guaranteeing FT & no data loss in HP NS applications
  • Global business status:
    - Ticketing & Reservation for High Speed Railway, China
    - Confidential Security System, Indonesia
    - Banking System, USA
    - 10 domestic projects are under making and sales
  • Strengths:
    - High profitability of proprietary product
    - Convenience of users by way of new adaptable technologies
    - Competitive edge in terms of price and performance
  • 11  
    Nature of Business:

    Peer-to-peer solutions and service

    Funds Required:

    US$5 million

    Project Details:
    This technology-oriented Korean company involved in providing music download services is seeking a strategic or financial investor to improve the range and quality of the services it provides. The company is currently welcoming proposals including strategic partnerships or M&A.

    The company has revolutionized the online music industry in Korea by introducing the world's first p2p-based music download service with a copyright management system. It has attracted 5 million domestic users in less than three years and continues to increase its sales and the number of users.
    Nature of Business:

    Development of ultrasonic sensor products

    Funds Required:

    US$3 million

    Project Details:
    This Korean robot sensor company, possessing its own ultrasonic transducer technology for non-destructive inspection and bone density diagnosis, is currently seeking suitable strategic or financial investors to upgrade its global operations and develop new products. Specifically, the company is searching for a potential partner which can act as a bridge to overseas expansion.
    Recently, this Korean company launched industry leading robot-sensor products for obstacle detection and indoor localization for intelligent autonomous robots, which are increasingly taking the initiative on the international relevant market with a big response from various customers such as robot manufacturers, system integrators, distributor, resellers and even researchers of universities.
  • Established: 2003
  • Key technology: Anisotropic feature of ultrasonic beam patterns and accuracy in terms of position and angle
  • Global business status:
    - The company distributes its products to more than 185 customers including robot manufacturers, system integrators, universities and research institutes in 19 countries.
    - The company has developed sales channels which consist of 5 distributors, 9 resellers and 15 robot manufacturers worldwide.
  • Strengths: The company's products offer more coverage with fewer sensors, no clicking noise, protection from sunlight and fluorescent lights, in addition to high performance and reliability.
    Contact Details:
    Ms. Hannah Wie / Ms. Pat Chau
    Tel: (852)2545-9500
    Email: kora7@kotra.org.hk

    Hong Kong Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
    Tel: (852) 2845 6100
    Fax: (852) 2537 0086
    Email: enquiry@hkvca.com.hk
    Website: www.hkvca.com.hk