YEAR 2009-2010 IN REVIEW
Chairman Johnny Chan

The 2008 global crisis left the western economies weakened and struggling. While Asia did not escape unscathed, the repercussions here appeared less serious. The decisive response of the Asian governments in introducing strong economic stimulus packages to spur domestic economies spared it from a major fallout in export sectors. China's economy is expected to grow 8.7% this year and India by 7.4%. As compared to rest of the world, Asia appears the stand out as the stronghold for sustained recovery.

Private Equity is gaining recognition especially in China as the key driver of economic growth rather than as part of the financial funding instruments. The Chinese government is encouraging its growth and accelerating the development of RMB funds to fund economic development. Investments activities are strong as new areas with huge potential begun opening up in areas such as infrastructure, energy, technology, retail, entertainment and other consumer sectors.

This sets the stage as a magnet for inflow of funds into Asia. Movement of funds that used to focus in North America and Europe are now looking east. Formation of new funds is creating a rising wave of activity in the private equity market to take advantage of the many opportunities especially in the sectors identified by the governments to be spearheads for domestic growth.

This is one of the busiest years for HKVCA, in supporting the growth in memberships, in the development of a road map to meet the demands of its members, and in the implementation of new initiatives and programs.

It is clear that the great effort of the Membership Committee continued to bear fruit. Last year members increased from 141 in 2008 to 173, and the momentum continued netting an additional 20 members to 193 as at the end of May 2010. This is the highest level ever for the Association.

Breakfast meeting which begun in October 2008 has now become regular monthly features. It has proven to be a popular mode of casual networking with fellow members and potential members without any formal agenda.

An induction partner programme will be launched to bring new members into the fold through interaction with committee members.

HKVCA had also appointed HK University of Science and Technology R&D Corporation to conduct a survey on the membership needs. We are thankful to all participating members who provided valuable comments through online survey and interviews. It is encouraging to know that in general, members are satisfied with our services offered, but more importantly, the survey greatly helps us to formulate strategies, to provide better services and support to our members.

Membership Committee:
Johnny Chan / Patrick Yeung, Crosby Asset Management (HK) Ltd (Co-Chairman)
William Kerins, Oaktree Capital (HK) Ltd (Co-Chairman)
Michael Scown, Intel Capital Asia Pacific
Yoshiaki Hasegawa, SBI Hong Kong Ltd
Boris Bong Squadron Capital Advisors Ltd

The Venture Committee continues to take the lead to support the entrepreneurial community.

HKVCA is a founding member of the HK Business Angel Network (HKBAN) formed in early 2010 together with the HK Science and Technology Park and Tolo Harbour Business Angel Support Group. HKBAN successfully created a platform for angel investors to network and source deals. Two pitching sessions have been conducted with around 20 angels, and some projects are undergoing serious discussions.

HKVCA is a member of the HK Science and Technology Part Admission Panel of Incu-Tech Programme. Committee Members namely Johnson Chen, S C Mak, Marvin Lai, Roger Marshall, K O Chia, as well as Johnny Chan and Patricia Chiu represented the Association in 12 half-day sessions during the year. We are grateful for their time as well as contribution of their honorariums to the Association.

Our members also served as regular speakers at various events to share their experience. They also sit on judging panels of Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (YDC) Hong Kong Business Plan Competition 2010.

Their effort and dedication are greatly appreciated.

Venture Committee:
Jeffrey Cheung, Crossgate Advisors Ltd (Co-Chairman)
Marvin Lai (Co-Chairman)
Johnson Chen, Clearbridge Partners Ltd
Roger Marshall, Persimmon Capital Ltd
Patrick Lim, IBC Consulting Company
Simon Mak
Savio Tang
K O Chia, HKVCA (Advisor)
Michael Scown, Intel Capital Asia Pacific (Advisor)

Besides promoting business related activities, HKVCA ensures that the social activities are not neglected. The key social events are our annual Golf Day and Wine tasting events.

The Golf Day has become a tradition in HKVCA and for our Golf enthusiasts, a much anticipated and enjoyable annual event. With the loyal support of Ernst and Young, the 7th Annual Golf Day was held at the Fanling Hong Kong Golf Club on March 19, 2010.

Eleven teams competed for the Golf championship on a day which turned out to be a perfect day on a beautiful course. The relaxed and fun atmosphere sets an excellent mood for senior members in the PE industry to network and bond. We are most delighted to have our guest of honor Mr. Fred Ma, former Secretary of Financial and Treasury Bureau and member of International Advisory Council of CIC join us, kicking off the day at first tee.

Added to the fun of playing was the excitement and laughter drawn at the auction where active bidding for stayovers at top hotels, dinner vouchers at gourmet restaurants and high end golf equipment.

Special thanks go to organizing committee members and sponsors.

Golf Committee:
William Kerins, Oaktree Capital (HK) Ltd (Chairman)
Stephen King, Unitas Capital
Kevin Chan, SEAVI Advent Ocean Private Equity Ltd
Sunil Chandiramani, Symphony Investment Management Ltd
Vincent Fan
Varun Bery

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting with a difference this year. "Blending your own Bordeaux" was the theme of HKVCA's 6th Wine Tasting event.

Under the instructions and guidance of Hong Kong's leading wine expert, Simon Tam, members attending the workshop blended their own Bordeaux. They explored the relative importance of 3 principle grapes varieties from which classic wines are made - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet France.

Participants had fun making their own blend and challenging it against real Bordeaux and against other teams' finished blends.

With Simon leading the group for the 5th year, we can always be sure of a fun and entertaining way of learning and tasting some very fine wines.

This event offered another excellent opportunity for both members to network.

Wine Committee:
Marcus Thompson, HSBC Private Equity (Asia) Ltd
Jason Chan, Mercer (HK) Ltd
Peter Lee


China Private Equity Summit
The Annual China Private Equity Summit (CPES) has become the signature event of HKVCA. CPES 2010 attracted the strongest turnout of over 300 participants since 2002. Participants were Private Equity practitioners and professionals engaged in the industry, leading global corporates, and business leaders from Hong Kong and overseas. It was also attended by representatives from 10 other venture capital and private equity associations around the region (including Beijing, British, Japan, Korea, Shanghai and Taiwan). The Summit has gained the reputation of being the most important practitioner forum led by those directly on the ground, to track and anticipate market trends and changes, to share knowledge and intelligence on new developments and the key issues that affects the industry.

This year, the major topic was focused on the development of RMB funds and its impact on international players, Government Fund of Funds, regulatory changes for RMB funds, A Share IPOs, alternative listing venues for Chinese firms and Limited Partners (LPs) participation in the growing RMB market. During the Summit, expert speakers also shared their experiences and views on cross border investments, risks and returns. Industrial, healthcare, oil and energy, consumer and real estate were top 5 sectors that attract most PE investments.

A great deal of thought and hard work went into the planning and organizing of the CPES2010. The PRC Committee is congratulated for a very successful event.

PRC Events
Besides the Summit, the Committee also undertook many other functions throughout the year in building relationships with governmental bodies and regional associations of China and Asia, by taking speaker roles and engagements in China. In addition, during the year the Committee worked closely with The Department of Commence of Hebei Province, Shandong Province and Jiangxi Province on co-organizing or supporting Investment Promotion Seminars which were held in Hong Kong. In February 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Panyu Branch (CCPIT) for further cooperation in Investment & Financing Promotion between mainland China and Hong Kong. There were also numerous exchanges with various venture capital associations and bodies in China.

We are thankful to all the Committee members for contributing their time and effort in promoting HKVCA in China. It is impossible to fulfill the numerous engagements without the assistance of other members, and in this regard we thank Athene Li of Spring Capital and John Li of Crosby for stepping up to represent HKVCA in speaking at events in Hong Kong and China, and meeting our many China visitors.

PRC Committee:
Conrad Tsang, Baring Private Equity Asia Ltd (Co-Chairman)
Johannes Schoeter, Victoria Capital Ltd (Co-Chairman)
Andy Li, China Agri-Industries Holdings ltd
Richard Cheung, Cinven HK Ltd
Gordon Lam, Citigroup Venture Capital International Asia Ltd
Alvin Ho, Chepstow Capital Advisors Ltd
John Li, Crosby Asset Management (HK) Ltd
Peter Chen, MC Capital Asia (HK) Ltd – Shanghai Representative Office
Vincent Chan / Athene Li, Spring Capital Asia, Ltd
Alice Chow, Squadron Capital Advisors Ltd
Petrina Tam, PricewaterhouseCoopers

External Relations
HKVCA continued its course of relationship building with other professional and trade bodies and associations.

The highlight this year is the launch of the Roundtable of Associations. HKVCA invited 10 associations to Hong Kong for a Roundtable on June 8, 2010 with the objective of information exchange and collaboration, for the benefit of our members and the PE community as a whole. This is the first time that VC/PE Associations across countries and continents gathered for a very fruitful and useful exchange. The Associations which came and participated were: Beijing Private Equity Association, British Venture Capital Association, Japan Venture Capital Association, Korea Venture Capital Association, Shanghai Private Equity Association, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, Singapore Venture Capital Association, Taiwan Venture Capital Association, Taiwan M&A & PE Council.

Besides dialogue between the Asian Associations, Boris Bong, MD of Squadron presented an overview of the Asian PE landscape at the Roundtable. An important part of the day’s discussion was an update of European regulations given by Simon Walker, CEO of BVCA. He was joined by Javier Echarri, Secretary General of EVCA via conference call, with the latter explaining in great detail how the proposed European Directives on PE funds under discussion would affect Asian funds. As the implications can be far reaching and long term, Asian VCs would be approaching their respective governments for support.

In April 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Korean Venture Capital Association in Seoul Korea to enhance collaboration between the two entities.

A new Resource Committee was set up with the charter to bring together and leverage the resources of member firms to enrich the services provided by HKVCA covering, but not limited to, the following areas:
- Legal changes in the region
- Accounting rules and trends
- Portfolio management
- HR issues
- Fund services
- Insurance plus others

Since the launch of the service in late 2009, the Committee has sourced over 20 articles from member firms in the Resource Page at the HKVCA website. These included Market Reviews, Updates on Foreign invested Partnerships in China, Reliefs under Double Tax agreements in PRC companies etc.

A job matching corner was also newly created with some good initial responses. Furthermore, special hotel corporate rates were also negotiated.

Resource Committee:
Joseph Wan, Cinven HK Ltd
Gabriel Li / Edmond Wong, Orchid Asia Group Management Ltd
Rupert Chamberlain, KPMG
Thomas Chou, Morrison & Foerster
James Li, Royal Bank of Scotland

The demand for educational programs continues to be strong. The PE Fundamental course in four modules was again at held at full capacity in February. It was not just an excellent introduction for new entrants and for those in specialized PE areas seeking a broader understanding of the industry, but also a refresher program as speakers drew on their current experiences. The Education Committee, with special thanks to Stephen Wozencroft, had been diligent in improving the course presentations.

In addition, in response to requests from members for more indepth and specific training, we held several well attended Master classes on Valuations,.

Education Committee:
John Levack, Electra Partners Asia (Chairman)
Jessica Jook, Crosby Asset Management (HK) Ltd
Josephine Price, Chepstow Capital Advisors Ltd
Stephen Wozencroft, Arthur Marriott & Associates in association with Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
Peter Lee

Following the results of the Membership study undertaken, the Association plans to hold more regular programs. Fees were increased for the first time in $10,000 to $12,000 since 2005 to provide us the needed resources to implement the new initiatives and to raise the profile of the Association.

To cope with increasing activities and programs, we have 2 additional staff since March 2010 - an Events Manager and a China Coordinator.

The industry in Asia is at a critical juncture facing repercussions from US and European governments’ attempts to introduce stringent regulations that would have serious impact on Asian PE funds. Our Association is preparing a letter to the Hong Kong seeking their assistance in making a stance to the European Union.

To be effective voice, we need to have the entire community to stand behind us.


Download a List of Activities for the Year 2009-2010
Seats are limited and registration is on first-come-first-serve basis.

For enquiry, please call (852) 2845 6100.

The Hong Kong Business Angel Network (“HKBAN”), a network that has been promoted by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks in conjunction with the technology transfer offices of the major universities in Hong Kong.  HKBAN seeks to establish a platform through which any one can access pre-registered angels. HKVCA is a founding member and a facilitating entity to encourage the funding and development of young businesses in Hong Kong.

HKVCA is now soliciting the registration of angels who invest in seed and early stage opportunities raising up to HK$5,000,000. We are requesting members to consider appropriate colleagues, friends and investment partners who might be appropriate as angel investors. Registration should be made through the Association by sending the completed form to Sam Wong at or Tel: 2845 6100.


Tax administration on foreign companies deriving income through PRC establishments
A number of tax circulars have recently been issued by the PRC State Administration of Taxation strengthening tax administration of foreign companies deriving income through local establishments in China.

SAT makes changes to rules governing recognition and administration of general VAT taxpayers
The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently issued new Administrative Measures as well as Notice which were issued pursuant to the Provisional Regulations on VAT and their implementation Rules as amended at the end of 2008.

China continues to encourage foreign investment
China’s State Council released a new opinion relating to inbound foreign investment policy amidst concerns from foreign firms that they face an increasingly difficult business environment in China in the wake of the recent Google and Rio Tinto incidents.

Private Equity faces the future : Candid views from the market
This white paper delivers insight into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the private equity asset class. The research focuses on Limited Partners (LPs) and General Partners (GPs) -- how these market participants are engaged with the asset class and how they see both their own programmes and the market changing over the next several years.


The 10th China Venture Capital & Private Equity Semi-annual Forum 2010

Date: July 14-15, 2010
Place: Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, China
Organizer: Zero2IPO
Registration: 15% discount for HKVCA members

The rapid rise of Chinese economy in recent years and its remarkable performance in the global economic crisis have to a great extent redefined the role of China in world economy. If the past three decades were the prelude of China's market economy, now marks the unfolding of the drama of China's economic development. Under such new circumstances, China' VC industry has also embraced an industry transformation in its development, embarking on a brand-new course in a new historical period.

The 10th China Venture Capital & Private Equity Semi-annual Forum 2010 has specially covered panel discussions on six industries on Medical Care and Health, Clean-tech, Consumer Goods, E-commerce, Wireless Application as well as Media & Entertainment in a bid to share the money-making strategies under the new round of investment tide.

Click here to more details. Agenda

Members of HKVCA are entitled to a 15% discount on registration.

Order today at


Startup Saturday Hong Kong 2010

Date: August 7, 2010
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Cyberport Core E
Admission: Free, but you must pre-register to confirm attendance

Startup Saturday Hong Kong 2010 is a free 1-day event on 7 August 2010 held and sponsored by Cyberport and with a keynote speech from G.O.D. co-founder and famed Hong Kong entrepreneur Mr. Douglas Young.

The purpose of Startup Saturday is to:
A) Showcase the exciting new technology-based companies in Hong Kong
B) Inspire the startup community with insight from thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs

Similar in theme and feel to Silicon Valley's TechCrunch50 - the event will focus on short rapid-fire demos from 20 of Hong Kong’s newest startups as well as a series of panels to inspire, provoke and educate the burgeoning Hong Kong startup community.

Speaker list (confirmed)
• Mr. Douglas Young, Co-Founder, CEO of GOD
• Mr. Kevin Huang, CEO, Pixel Media
• Mr. Arthur Chow, COO, 6Waves

To Register, please follow the link:
For more information, please contact Mr. Casey Lau at Email: / Tel: (852) 3488-1090

Clean Technology Investment World Asia 2010

Date: 31 August – 3 September 2010
Venue: Kowloon Shangri La, Hong Kong
Organizer: Terrapinn


Clean Technology Investment World Asia is Asia's most influential platform where investors, financiers, energy users, regulators, clean technology innovators and business leaders convene to identify investment opportunities, raise capital and access licensing rights to new innovative technologies and form strategic business partnerships.  Over 80 global experts will be speaking and 400 top executives will be attending this event which is on 31 Aug – 3 Sept at Shangri La Hotel Hong Kong.

To learn more about the event, please visit the event website at  or call Candy Tan at +6563222770 or email at


SuperReturn Asia 2010

Date: 27-30 September 2010
Place: JW Marriott, Hong Kong
Organizer: ICBI
Registration: 15% discount for HKVCA members

Hear from 150 speakers including 50+ influential LPs such as CHINA INVESTMENT CORPORATION, KOREA INVESTMENT CORPORATION, EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND MALAYSIA, STANFORD MANAGEMENT COMPANY, THE CHURCH PENSION FUND, OMERS PRIVATE EQUITY; and local & international private equity heavy-weights such as Antony Leung, The Blackstone Group; Frank Tang, Fountainvest Partners; John Ehara, Unison Capital; And Stephen Peel, TPG Capital and many more.

In addition to the thought-leadership side, the social agenda and networking facilities - including the MySuperReturn Asia e-Networker, Speed Networking & Quickfire Showcase - makes this a must-attend event for meeting over 700 global industry players (200 LPs attended in 2009). 

Attend the special focus China Summit on 27 September and learn about the latest developments and trends for investing in China by leading GPs such as Wu Shang Zhi, CDH; John Zhao, Hony Capital; Andy Yan, SAIF. And the LP view from Squadron Capital, Adveq  Management & EDC Equity to mention but a few.

Plus get up close and personal with powerful LPs during the LP/GP Relations Summit also on 27 September.

For more details and registrations: or email

15% discount – quote VIP: KR2245HKVCA when you register.
HKVCA needs the assistance of PE funds in our response to EU Directives on regulations related to Asian Private Equity funds
Our letter to HK Government

Full Member

Royal Bank of Scotland

Represented by
Mr. Mohan Kumar Desai

RBS' Global Banking & Markets (GBM) division is a leading banking partner to major corporations, financial institutions and public sector clients around the world. GBM provides an extensive range of equity, debt and commodity markets, treasury and investor products, and financial advisory services. The division focuses on long-term customer relationships and excellence in global product execution. GBM is active in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Chepstow Capital Advisor Ltd
Represented by
Mr. Vincent Warner

Chepstow Capital is a mid-market private equity group focused on expansion capital opportunities throughout Asia (up to USD35m).  Its six principals have over 90 years of private equity experience in Asia.

TPG Growth Capital (Asia ) Ltd
Represented by
Mr. Tsang Chi Kin

TPG is a leading global private investment firm with over $45 billion of capital under management across a family of funds. Since the firm's founding in 1992, our investment philosophy has been to create value by investing in change - change created by industry trends, economic cycles or specific company circumstances. Our tradition of providing unique investment insight and value-added operating capabilities to companies undergoing change, as well as our comfort in dealing with complexity and distressed companies, differentiates us from many traditional private investment firms.

Associate Member

PMC Treasury Asia Pacific Ltd

Represented by
Mr. Mark Bobek and Mr. Michael Pearce

PMC provides independent corporate treasury advice to PE sponsors and their portfolio companies. Our focus is appropriate management of foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risk, and operational treasury strategy.

Sidley Austin
Represented by
Mr. Scott Peterman

Sidley Austin is one of the world’s largest full-service law firms.  Sidley’s M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital practice comprises more than 240 lawyers engaged in the full spectrum of public and private M&A and private equity transactions of all sizes.

OSK Capital Ltd
Represented by
Mr. Michael Chan

OSK Capital Hong Kong Limited is the specialist Hong Kong investment banking division of the OSK group of companies, licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to engage in corporate finance and securities dealing. The services of the entity include Initial public offerings, Public company takeovers/privatizations, Capital raising exercise for primary and secondary market, Mergers and acquisitions, Restructuring Advisory services in respect of corporate reorganizations and debt restructuring and Miscellaneous regulatory compliance.

Lawrence CPA Ltd
Represented by
Mr. Y M Cheung

Lawrence CPA Ltd is a firm of certified public accountants that specializes in conducting due diligence investigation of companies seeking funding, helping development-stage companies compile information for investors, selling business to established corporations / management as a way of exit of V.C. / private equity funds and listing on the stock exchanges. The director, Mr. Cheung Yuk Ming, previously worked for PricewhaterhouseCoopers.

The Bank of New York Mellon
Represented by
Mr. Andrew Gordon and Mr. Aidan Houlihan

BNY Mellon is a leading provider of financial services for institutions, corporations and high-net-worth individuals, providing superior asset management and wealth management, asset servicing, issuer services, clearing services and treasury services through a worldwide client-focused team. BNY Mellon operates in 34 countries and serving more than 100 markets.

The 9th China Private Equity Summit
June 7, 2010

The 9th HKVCA China Private Equity Summit was held at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on June 7, 2010 with a record turnout of over 300 participants. Attendees included private equity practitioners, leading global and local corporates, entrepreneurs and policy makers around the region. During the Summit, speakers noted that for the first time, RMB-denominated fund pool exceeded those denominated in foreign currencies. China is to become one of the main sources of private equity capital with Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing as the major private equity centers. Speakers cited criteria in selecting GP for Government Fund of Funds as strong management, operating track record in high tech business investment as well as stable teams and organizational structure. During the discussions, it was also noted that the top 5 sectors that attracted the most PE investments were industrial, healthcare, consumer, oil and energy and real estate.

Roundtable of Venture Capital and Private Equity Associations
June 8, 2010

10 Regional Venture Capital Associations met in Hong Kong on June 8, 2010 with objectives of networking and information exchange. This is the first time that VC/PE Associations across countries and continents gathered for a very fruitful and useful exchange. The participating Associations were:

Beijing Private Equity Association
British Venture Capital Association
Japan Venture Capital Association
Korea Venture Capital Association
Shanghai Private Equity Association
Shenzhen Venture Capital Association Singapore Venture Capital Association
Taiwan Venture Capital Association
Taiwan M&A & PE Council

Discussions revolved around practical areas of collaboration, coordination and mutual support on events, and ongoing communication.

BVCA CEO Simon Walker and EVCA Secretary General Javier Echarri also provided a detailed update of proposed EU AIFM (Alternative Investment Asset Management) Directives and its possible impact on Asian Funds.

The 23rd Annual General Meeting
June 24, 2010

40 members attended the AGM on June 24, 2010 at the China Club. The Chairman reported the activities and achievements of the association for the past year, followed by election of the new Executive Committee which expanded from 12 to 14. The addition of committee members will bring new ideas and initiatives to the association.

Luncheon Talk on “Asia Pacific Private Equity Fund Terms in the light of the ILPA Principles”
June 24, 2010

A luncheon was held on June 24 at the China Club. Mr. Wen Tan, Managing Director from Squadron Capital delivered a talk on the Asia Pacific PE fund terms in the light of the ILPA principles. Squadron Capital presented the results of a survey of a sample of Asian private equity funds launched during the past two years and open to investment by international institutional investors, to see how their terms and conditions compare to the ILPA's view of global best practice.

HKVCA Member Monthly Breakfast
June 14, 2010

The HKVCA Member Monthly Breakfast is generally scheduled on the first Monday of each month. It provides an excellent opportunity for our members to network and to meet our Executive Committee.
Deputy Director from The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan and Secretary General from Japan Venture Capital Association (JVCA) visited HKVCA
June 9, 2010
Mr. Takayuki Hirabayashi, Deputy Director from METI of Japan, Mr. Shuuichi Shimizu, Deputy Director from METI of Japan, Mr. Shouji Sugita, Secretary General from JVCA visited HKVCA on June 9. A meeting was held with Mr. Johnny Chan, Chairman from HKVCA and Ms. Patricia Chiu, Executive Director from HKVCA to exchange ideas on recent industry developments and future collaboration.

Secretary Director from Beijing Private Equity Association (BPEA) visited HKVCA
June 9, 2010
Ms. Qiu Zifan. Secretary Director from Beijing Private Equity Association visited HKVCA on June 9 and had a useful discussion with Mr. Johnny Chan, Chairman from HKVCA and Ms. Patricia Chiu, Executive Director from HKVCA. Both parties expressed enthusiasm to further develop closer cooperation between mainland China and Hong Kong.

Taiwan delegates and Deputy Secretary General from Taiwan Venture Capital Association (TVCA) visited HKVCA
June 9, 2010

Delegations from Jiangxi Province visited HKVCA
May 24, 2010

Director General from The Bureau of China International SME Fair visited HKVCA
May 13, 2010

Delegations from The department of Commence of Shangdong Province visited HKVCA
May 11, 2010

Vice Director from Guangzhou Panyu Economy & Trade Promotion Bureau visited HKVCA
April 21, 2010

Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Panyu Branch (CCPIT) and HKVCA in Hong Kong
February 5, 2010
The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Panyu Branch (CCPIT) signed Memorandum of Understanding with HKVCA. The MOU enhances collaboration and cooperation in promoting business and economic development between Panyu and Hong Kong.

More information about Hong Kong Rep office, Please contact Mr. Li Yanhui

Attracting and retaining talent has always been the key to long-term success of any great company. HKVCA welcomes member firms to advertise their openings on HKVCA website. If there are vacancies in your firm, please fill in the attached form and email to

Each opening will be posted on HKVCA's website for one month. The service is free of charge.

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The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (HKSFC) has approved HKVCA as a Recognised Institution for Providing CPT (Continuous Professional Training). HKVCA's training courses, seminars, summits, conferences and forums may be applicable for claiming CPT points. For more details, please refer to "Education" section of our website.


HKVCA receives regular requests from various trade bodies and associations for speaker roles. Would you like to get involved and speak on behalf of HKVCA and promote our association and industry? Please contact Patricia Chiu at Tel: (852) 2845 6100 or to enroll on our speakers list.


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