Sponsorship Opportunities

HKVCA works on behalf of all venture capital and private equity firms to promote private equity as high value-add partners to businesses and for its recognition as a strong driver for growth in enterprises and economies in Hong Kong, China and Asia. During the past years, the Association has worked to raise the profile and public awareness of venture capital and private equity, and to instill investor confidence in the asset class. We will work towards by holding different kinds of events to enhance the stature of the industry by providing a forum for networking and experience sharing for its members. We also aims to help elevate best practices, corporate governance, transparency, reputation excellence, and ensure regular communication amongst all stakeholders and government bodies in the effort to advance the interest in promoting Hong Kong as the centre of financial services in Asia.

We seek a limited number of sponsor partners in the presentation of some events.

Asia Private Equity Forum
Annually held in January
Old Wing, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

China Private Equity Summit
Annually held in May/June
New Wing, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Asia Venture Capital Forum
Annually held

Annual Golf Day
Annually held in Mar/Apr/Nov/Dec

Luncheon / Seminar / Webinar / Breakfast / Mixer / Cocktail / Wine Tasting (Held throughout the Year)

Note: Sponsorship information and offers are subject to change; contact us for the latest news on sponsorship opportunities.


Should you be interested to collaborate with us in any of HKVCA events, please contact Secretary General, Joanne Yuen:

Telephone: (852) 2167 7518
Email: joanne.yuen@hkvca.com.hk