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The HKVCA is proud to have published the third issue of our research journal, the theme of which is "The implementation Issue”.



The HKVCA is proud to have published the second issue of our research journal, the theme of which is "private equity ideas for Hong Kong and beyond".

We hope that this issue will provide strategic insight and much food for thought for government officials, entrepreneurs and business people alike, as we believe, acting together, Hong Kong can continue to strengthen its position as the leading hub for private equity in Asia.

Finally, we want to express our gratitude to all of those who contributed to this second issue of the Journal and to the editorial team, including Alain Fontaine, Denis Tse, Joseph Ferrigno and T.K. Chiang. We hope that this issue and the issues to come will be a useful platform for sharing HKVCA members’ stories and ideas, and that they may inspire investors and members of the private equity community worldwide.


HKVCA期刊(第1期) - 亚洲私募投资的新一页


The HKVCA is proud to have published the inaugural issue of our research journal. Among the topics covered in this first issue are the various strategies being used to take advantage of opportunities in cross-border M&A, in direct secondaries and in nexus oil and gas deals. 

We are grateful as well to the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association for providing us with a snapshot of the state of Asia private equity, which compliments the focused discussion on the opportunities emerging outside Mainland China and the growth of crowdfunding as an innovative alternative funding route.

Finally, our inaugural issue offers various technical insights into Asian fund formation in the light of tightening regulations in private equity worldwide. In particular, we discuss the HKVCA's efforts working with the Hong Kong Government on tax reforms highly relevant to private equity general partners and funds.

创业及私募投资基金如何活化香港经济金融海啸后之回顾与前瞻: 2009 - 2014
Directly on the heels of the China Private Equity Summit and Hong Kong Venture Capital Forum, which was held on June 13th, the HKVCA released data on how the venture capital and private equity industry has changed in Hong Kong, especially after the Global Financial Crisis 2008.



香港创业及私募投资协会研究报告: 创业、私募基金与香港创业型企业
The Asia private equity and venture capital industry has grown tremendously in size in the past 10 years. Hong Kong's venture capital private equity industry is easily overshadowed by the city's business volume in the secondary and derivatives markets, it is important to draw the distinction in terms of their impact on the real economy. 
Yet it is helpful if through this paper policymakers and the local business community can better understand how venture capital and private equity works as an industry, in order to form the right expectations of engagement, as we all should do when conducting business.