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New Members 2022-2023

Corporate LP Member

  • Crocodile Co Ltd

Corporate Full Members

  • 01Fintech Limited

     01Fintech is an Asia (ex-China) growth stage Fintech private equity firm with a primary focus on Southeast Asia.

  • ADM Capital

     Founded in 1998 in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis, ADM Capital has been investing in Asia Pacific credit for 25           years.With experience across geographies, sectors, investment cycles and credit strategies, ADM Capital seeks to provide           uncorrelated risk-adjusted returns to investors by financing the region’s leading mid-market corporates with highly structured         private credit loans.

  • AlphaTrio Capital

     AlphaTrio Capital is a Hong Kong and Singapore-based VC maiden impact fund that invests in green tech, agri-food tech and       fintech for financial inclusion. It has an Asia focus with a global mandate.

  • Arcadia Fund Management Group

     Arcadia Fund Management Group (“Arcadia”) is a manager specialized in managing private investments into public                       companies (PIPEs) listed in Hong Kong, Mainland China (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing), and Southeast Asia, such as                   Vietnam and Indonesia. Arcadia makes active and impactful investments into undervalued companies in sectors such as               consumer, technology, and pharmaceutical/healthcare, and aims to achieve equity-upside and bond downside return via               managing a portfolio of convertible bonds (CBs) and equities.

  • AsiaPay Capital

     Being a capital supporting arm of a regional digital payment service and technology provider established in past decades,             startups can ride on AsiaPay's long-lasting position, the broad operation and network in Asia, for faster innovative adoption in       the ecosystem. Portfolio return for past 3 is >10x while startups are able to sustain their business with pragmatic and solid             business validation support by resources shared by AsiaPay.

  • BitRock Capital

     BitRock Capital is a Venture Capital with a focus on Fintech and Digitalization. BitRock Capital is sponsored by Global                   Logistics Properties (GLP), a leading global investment manager specializing in logistics and related technology investment,         with USD $125 bn of assets under management. BitRock Capital focuses on attractive segments across the world, esp. on           fintech startups that enables trades and services, enterprise software and AI for FIs, digital asset infrastructure, supply chain,       payment and x-border opportunities. BitRock Capital currently manages three funds including two USD funds and one RMB         fund. 

  • Celadon Partners (Asia Pacific) Limited

     Celadon Partners is an Asian private equity manager with a focus on transformative innovations applicable to traditional               industries. Celadon Partners aims to generate long-term attractive returns through instrinsic value investing in differentiated         opportunities as a “builder of businesses”.

  • China International Capital Corporation Hong Kong Asset Management Limited

     China International Capital Corporation Limited is China’s first joint-venture investment bank and a pioneer of adopting the           best international practices in China. Since CICC's inception in 1995, there has been a full-service business model that offers       investment banking, equities, FICC, asset management, private equity and wealth management services.CICC Capital                 Management Co., Ltd. is the flagship platform of CICC for its global private equity businesses.The Firm is committed to                 becoming a world leader in private equity management. Currently, the Firm runs various categories of RMB private equity             funds including real estate and infrastructure, fund of funds and USD private equity funds. 

  • China V Fund

     V Fund is one of the earliest deep-tech dedicated funds in China founded in 2016 by five senior bankers priorly working                 together for 7 years at Goldman Sachs Group. V Fund has so far managed up to RMB 10 billion portfolios across smart auto,       intelligent manufacturing, digital industry and aerospace, etc. Through the years, V Fund has built a reputation among its               current and potential portfolio companies, industry leaders and its peers, as a leading manager for deep-tech investments in         China. Currently V Fund has under management four funds in over 60 companies with a proven track record. 

  • E15

     E15VC is a global technology Venture Fund We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs who are building global companies that       change the world.

  • Fangyuan Capital (Hong Kong) Limited

     Fangyuan Capital was founded by three Founding Partners in 2018. Fangyuan Capital is an SFC registered license company       under type 4 (advisory) and type 9 (asset management). Our primary business is on asset management in private equities,           with focus on life science and healthcare investment in private equities. As of Jun 30, 2022, we managed two VC funds and         four co-investment funds of total AUM USD 212million (distributions added back).

  • GenBridge Capital Management Company (HK) Limited

     GenBridge Capital is China's consumer specialist growth capital. Robert Chang, the Founder and Managing Director, has             established GenBridge in 2016 together with the Co-Founder, Victor Zhang. GenBridge is an independent, thematic and               value-add oriented firm that leveraging powerful resources of JD Group. GenBridge invests into new generation consumer           brands and retail formats with innovative models as a catalyst to build winning consumer businesses. The mission of                     GenBridge is to empower China's next generation consumer champions. The investors of GenBridge include worldwide                 sovereign wealth fund, endowments, FoFs, and family offices, etc.

  • Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited

     Founded in 2020 in Hong Kong, Gravity Capital Partners Company Limited is a passionate initiative to drive impact through           investment and management. By nurturing local impact businesses while creating synergy with different stakeholders, Gravity       strives to build a better impact ecosystem in Hong Kong.

  • HSBC Global Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited

     HSBC Alternatives forms one of the core pillars of HSBC Asset Management. The Alternatives team has been advising on             Alternative investments since 1989 and now includes capabilities across a variety of asset classes, including Venture Capital,       Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt, Infrastructure Debt, Infrastructure Equity and Hedge Funds, with over 80                         investment-focussed professionals. As of 31 December 2022, the HSBC Alternatives business has US$60.1bn of assets               under management, advice and oversight. Our 30-year track record of managing alternative investments solutions positions         us to develop high quality and innovative investment opportunities that deliver potentially strong risk-adjusted returns.

  • Hidden Hill Capital

     Established in 2018, Hidden Hill Capital (“Hidden Hill”) is a corporate private and growth equity manager backed by GLP. It           does minority, significant minority, and strategic equity investments in companies in modern logistics services, digital supply         chain, renewable energy related technologies and cross-border opportunities across Asia.

  • Immensus Capital

     Immensus Capital is a mid-growth private equity firm that invests in high-growth businesses located in China. One of the               firm’s current strategies is to explore investments in B2B supply chain business opportunities in China.

     As a research-driven firm, Immensus Capital aims to conduct more in-depth analysis of sectors, companies, and                           management teams than our industry peers. We also provide extensive research and strategic advice as well as executive           coaching to portfolio companies from pre-investment to post-investment.

     Immensus Capital gives our offshore investors an “inside view” into unique investment opportunities within China. The firm’s         attention to detail is supported by deep industry experience and rich cultural and business knowledge of our fully localized             teams in China. We are passionate about Chinese investment opportunities and curious about changes within the market,             from global trends to management and leadership styles. We concentrate on sectors that are largely overlooked or ignored           by other funds within growth capital, giving us a valuable “first mover” advantage.

  • INCE Capital

     Founded in 2019, INCE Capital is a venture capital firm with an investment focus on early to expansion stage companies that       spearhead innovation in technology, Internet, and consumer industries. The letters “IN” embody the firm’s commitment to               make intelligent innovative investment decision, or “CE” in Chinese. INCE’s mission is to “empower the future greats”.

     INCE now has more than US$1 billion in commitments under management across its managed funds. The investor base               consists of the world’s leading university endowments, foundations, family offices, and funds of funds. INCE currently has             offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, China, and the US.

  • InnoVision Capital

     Founded in 2016, InnoVision Capital is broadly recognized as an institutionalized Private Equity 3.0 manager in Asia with >          19 years of strong and proven track record. InnoVision, as one of the successful early movers in ESG investing around pan-         Asia area, has been focusing on investing in the green energy / climate impact and ESG / sustainability sectors for more than      12 years, with deep industry knowledge, top notch deal sourcing network, strong value creation capability and best-in-class           internal processes. 

  • Lighthouse Capital

     Lighthouse Capital asset management team currently manages multiple USD and RMB funds and several SPVs, with an             AUM is over 400 million USD. Relying on our high-quality cross-sector resources, profound industry research, and value               judgement from our industry-leading investment banking businesses, we are able to recognize top tier companies and grow         with China's outstanding entrepreneurs for mutual benefit, bringing long-term and sustainable returns to LP. 

  • Midas Capital Partners Hong Kong Limited

     Midas Capital Partners is a privately owned independent investment management & advisory firm formed by professionals           across different areas of wealth management & capital market industry including investment management solutions, financial       planning and family office services to mega wealth Chineses famillies.

  • MTR Corporation Limited

     MTR is a global transport operator focused in rail mobility. It also operate real estate business. It has spun off a wholly own           subsidiary called MTR Lab which is a venture arm of the Corporation focused on tech and innovation in the sector of smart           city and new mobility and other related fields.

  • ORIX Asia Asset Management Limited

    ORIX Corporation is an international non-bank financial group listed on New York and Tokyo stock exchanges. Established in 1964 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, ORIX Corporation is one of the largest integrated financial services groups in the world with 30,000 employees worldwide and more than $ 500 billion assets under management. ORIX Corporation owns 1,800 branches in 80 countries and regions, and provides services to millions of corporate customers. The Group's business spread over dozens of industries in the financial and industrial sectors. Its main businesses include banking, insurance, asset management, investment banking, leasing, operating leasing, aircraft leasing, environmental protection, real estate and tourism.

  • Skye Capital Limited

     Skye Capital is a pure family office focused on the assets of a single family. Skye Capital will occasionally invite other private       money to co-invest in transactions but on a limited club basis. While Skye Capitl will look at early stage investing on a very           select basis most investments are made at pre series A but post revenue. Skye Capitl also directly manages and operates a         number of its investments all of which are intended as long term investmnet holds and not for short term gain. Skye Capitla           has offices in Hong Kong and London with representative operations in tokyo and Los Angeles.

  • Undivided Ventures Limited

     Undivided Ventures invests globally in early-stage companies that meet the built environment's most urgent sustainability             challenges. Our team is a unique combination of academics, real estate investors, entrepreneurs and sustainability                       consultants, enabling us to identify and nurture truly impactful and commercially viable solutions.

  • Unicorn Capital Partners Limited
  • VCA Capital Limited

      Flexible opportunistic global PE Vehicle designed to help multiple families to diversify their capital in global private                          investments.

  • Watten Ventures

     Watten Capital Group is the private investment arm and family office of the Ng Family. We provide venture and growth-capital       to innovation companies within various sectors globally including the consumer and technology. We invest om companies             that are highly scalable and technolgy-enabled.

Corporate Associate Members

  • BC Technology Group

     Backed by Asia’s leading public fintech and digital asset company, BC Technology Group (stock code: HK 863), OSL is the           region’s most comprehensive licensed digital asset platform. OSL is the world’s first insured SFC-licensed digital asset                 platform to provide prime brokerage, custody, exchange and SaaS services for institutional clients and professional                       investors.The company offers OTC, iRFQ and electronic trading services giving traders access to the world’s deepest liquidity       pools, as well as secure and insured wallets to ensure the safekeeping of digital assets with timely transaction settlement.BC       Technology Group and the OSL platform are enabling institutional adoption of the digital asset class, setting the global                   standard for performance, security and compliance. 

  • BOA Financial Group Limited

     The BOA Financial Group ("Group") was formed with the primary objective of enabling financial institutions to provide                   financial services in a cost-efficient, technology driven and user-friendly manner to customers around the world. By investing         heavily in technology and user experience, the Group aims to revolutionise the traditional financial services industry by                 providing intultlve and convenient services and products to its clients. 

  • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

     Working as 'One Firm', we bring to our clients a range of integrated capabilities. This includes some of Asia’s most active               corporate, finance, real estate, litigation and corporate risk practices, all geared toward supporting our clients’ inbound and           outbound investment strategies across key sectors. These sectors include real estate, infrastructure, energy & natural                   resources (with a focus on renewable & sustainable energy), financial services, sports & entertainment and food &                         agribusiness.

  • Cambridge Associates Asia Private Limited

     Cambridge Associates is a global investment firm. The firm aims to help pension plans, endowments & foundations,                       healthcare systems, and private clients implement and manage custom investment portfolios to generate outperformance so         they can maximize their impact on the world. With more than 45 years of institutional investing insights, the firm has helped to       shape and implement investment best practices and built strong global investment networks with the purpose of driving                 outperformance for clients. Cambridge Associates delivers a range of services, including outsourced CIO, non-discretionary         portfolio management, staff extension and alternative asset class mandates.

  • Dentons Hong Kong LLP

     Dentons is the world’s largest law firm, connecting top-tier talent to the world’s challenges and opportunities with 20,000               professionals including 12,000 lawyers, in more than 200 locations, in more than 80 countries.Dentons Hong Kong has an             impressive track record of offering legal services to multinational conglomerates and local clients. We have assisted our               clients to solve their business issues and handled various transactions across the Asia Pacific region. Our strength includes         leading capital markets, banking & finance, investment funds, litigation and disputes regulation practice areas. Our Hong               Kong team comprises experienced lawyers and leading professionals qualified in jurisdictions including Hong Kong, England       and Wales, the United States, Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Georgiou Payne Stewien LLP

     We are a leading law firm based in Hong Kong specialising in transactions and dispute resolution across the Asia-Pacific               region. With partners and senior lawyers qualified in key common law jurisdictions (Hong Kong, England & Wales, Australia         and New York) we are dedicated to providing clients with legal services that are effective, innovative and delivered with the           level of price-certainty expected in today's global economy.

  • Gerson Lehrman Group

     GLG is a financial and global information services company headquartered in New York City. We provide financial information       and advise investors and consultants with business clients seeking expert advice. We have the world’s largest expert                   network, with over 1,000,000 freelance consultants. Regarding my team, we work closely with PE funds and Family Offices.

  • gini

     gini provides VCs and private investors with financial due diligence, analytics and portfolio reporting solutions. Our SaaS               product allows investors to access real time data on their portfolio companies, and create AI-powered cashflow forecasts and       automated customizable financial models. gini also automates forensic accounting methods to uncover financial frauds, only         4% of which are found by audits globally.

  • Han Kun Law Offices

     Han Kun is a leading full-service law firm in China. Over the years, Han Kun has been widely recognized as a leader in                 complex cross-border and domestic transactions. We have nearly 800 professionals located in our six offices: Beijing,                   Shanghai, Shenzhen, Haikou, Wuhan and Hong Kong. Our Experience in Formation and Operation of Onshore and Offshore       Investment Funds Han Kun has represented clients in estabishing and investing into more than 2,000 invesiment funds,               including about 1,500 RMB funds and about 700 USD funds.

  • Howden M&A

     The preferred M&A insurance advisor for leading M&A law firms, Private Equity and top-tier Banks. Howden M&A is a                   specialist M&A insurance broker and part of the Howden Group, the world's largest independent insurance broker with a truly       international focus. Howden M&A is the leading M&A insurance broker in all major European jurisdictions, placing over 1,200       policies across roughly 800 deals in 2021. In APAC we have senior M&A broking teams in HK and Singapore, made up of             ex-M&A lawyers and bankers, which are supported by local jurisdiction experts (including Korea) to ensure seamless client           service. We have extensive expertise placing M&A insurance policies on transactions in the healthcare and TMT sectors.

  • Howse Williams

     Howse Williams is an independent Hong Kong law firm that combines the in-depth experience of its lawyers with a creative,         forward-thinking, flexible approach to managing legal risk. As an independent firm we are able to minimise legal and                     commercial conflicts of interest and act for clients in every industry sector. The partners have spent the majority of their                 careers in Hong Kong and have a detailed understanding of international business and business in Asia. The Howse                     Williams partners and their teams have an excellent reputation for delivering high quality legal advice with a practical and             commercial approach to solving legal issues in line with clients' commercial objectives.

  • iCapital Hong Kong Limited

     iCapital’s mission is to power the world’s alternatives marketplace. The company delivers this through its technology platform       that drives access, efficiency, and transparency in private markets globally. Founded in 2013, iCapital has transformed how           the wealth and asset management industries deliver access to private markets for individual investors by providing intuitive,         end-to-end technology and service solutions. Wealth Managers benefit from iCapital's technology solutions to facilitate                 access for their private clients to quality private markets funds at lower investment minimums and with a simplified digital               experience as well as extensive asset class and fund-level training and education. 

  • Kroll

     Kroll provides clients a way to build, protect and maximize value through our differentiated financial and risk advisory and             intelligence. Our transaction experience and expertise earns us global recognition as leaders in valuation, corporate finance         and restructuring. We also are known for our world-class experts and solutions in corporate risk. 

  • Lockton Companies (Hong Kong) LimitedView Company Hierarchy

     We are specialized in fund related insurance services from insurance due diligence for portfolio companies, fund asset                 protection to cyber risk management and M&A transaction. 

  • Milbank (Hong Kong) LLP

     An international law firm headquartered in New York City, it also has offices in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, London,                   Frankfurt, Munich, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore and Beijing. Our Hong Kong office is primarily focused on capital               markets (debt and equity), merge and acquisition, private equity and leveraged finance.

  • Ontra

    Ontra is the global leader in Contract Automation and Intelligence for private asset management firms. The Ontra platform            combines AI-enabled software with a worldwide network of highly trained lawyers to modernize recurring legal workflows.              Ontra’s solutions improve all aspects of the contract lifecycle — from negotiating and processing routine contracts to tracking        obligations in complex agreements. Ultimately, Ontra reduces the time, expense, and risk associated with contract                        management, freeing its customers to focus on other strategic priorities.Ontra is headquartered in San Francisco, with global        operations across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

  • Willis Towers Watson

Overseas Full Members

  • Verge Capital Management

     Verge HealthTech Fund is the world's first VC fund investing exclusively, and globally, in impactful healthcare technologies at         the earliest stages.

Overseas Associate Member

  • Burgiss Pte Ltd

     Burgiss is a global, market-leading provider of data and analytics solutions for investors. With over 30 years of expertise in           alternative investments, we offer unrivalled data, analytics, and transparency that enable asset owners, asset managers, and       financial intermediaries to evaluate and manage complex portfolios. Burgiss’ solutions serve 1,000+ clients in more than 30           countries, delivering data that represents over $15 trillion in assets

  • Uzabase China Limited

     Asia’s Leading Business Intelligence Platform SPEEDA is a cutting-edge platform that provides solutions to problems faced           by business people in collecting information and analysing data, covering company information, global industry reports,                 market data, news, statistics, and M&A information.