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Talkpush, Hong Kong Recruitment Automation Leader Poised to Accelerate Job Creation in LATAM After Investment From Latin Leap

Monday, April 20, 2020

(Aithority by Staff Writer) - Talkpush.Com, a Hong Kong Based HR Solutions Platform, Has Secured Funding From Latin Leap, a Colombia Based Venture Capital Studio Focusing on Opening up Opportunities in Latin America for Asian Tech-Scale UPS.

Through its RPA technology, Talkpush uses automated workflows to optimize traditional recruitment processes, allowing Talent Acquisition teams to eliminate 95% of top-of-funnel manual tasks, and empowering virtual recruitment

Latin Leap joins other investors including 500 Start-Ups (500 Durians), Seedcamp and Cocoon Ignite Ventures.

Funding and support from Latin Leap will expedite Talkpush’s growth in the Talent Acquisition sector in Latin America introducing Felipe Bot

Talkpush, a talent acquisition recruitment solutions platform that provides digital recruitment capabilities for high volume employers, has raised capital from venture capital studio Latin Leap. The investment and support provided by Latin Leap would help drive further international expansion in Latin America, whose emerging markets increasingly rely on virtual recruitment practices.

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